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Imaging Services

Digital Radiology

We offer state-of-the-art digital xray services for our patients.  This eliminates the need for lengthy processing using chemicals and film and also minimizes radiation exposure.  Each view taken of the patient is sent directly to a monitor screen where the doctor can rapidly see injuries or abnormalities.  Our images are also sent directly to a veterinary radiology specialist for further review and a complete evaluation with written report.  If the need arises for your pet to be seen elsewhere by a specialist or if you move away from the area, we can quickly and easily email these images or send along a digital copy on a disc with you to help avoid costly repeat xrays.  All dental x-rays are also digital. 


We offer in house state of the art ultrasound examinations with our Philips HD7 ultrasound machine.  We have the ability to view the heart and abdominal organs in high resolution aided by color flow doppler enhancement.  Images obtained during our examinations can be sent directly to veterinary specialists for further analysis.

The use of ultrasound provides us with an increased ability to diagnose and treat our patients' problems.

Minimally Invasive Examinations

Our hospital offers minimally invasive examination procedures using a variety of flexible and rigid video enhanced scopes.  We can perform upper GI (esophagus, stomach and small intestine) video endoscopy, video colonoscopy, video cystoscopy(urethra and bladder), video laparoscopy (abdominal organ visualization), and video otoscopy (ear canal and eardrum).

The advantages of these procedures are many:

  1. To avoid large surgical incisions
  2. To have a magnified view of the anatomy and obtain biopsies
  3. To lessen the pain compared to a surgical procedure
  4. To remove some foreign bodies from the stomach without surgery


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