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Laser Surgical Services

We are proud to offer laser surgery as one of the many advanced technical options for your pet. The laser can be used in a variety of different procedures and has greatly enhanced the surgical field.

The word "LASER" is an acronym that stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. A laser is a device that emits a highly concentrated (coherent) beam of light. Lasers are used in everything from CD-ROM drives to medical devices, to military applications, and they differ in power and the wavelength of light produced. Several types of lasers are now commonly used in medical applications.

As the laser cuts, it actually seals the capillaries along the incision, dramatically decreasing bleeding. In addition to being better for the patient, this benefits the surgeon because the surgical field is easier to see. Nerve endings and lymph vessels are also sealed during the incision process, reducing pain and swelling. A laser also kills bacteria along the incision path, reducing the risk of infection. Trauma is reduced because the laser doesn't touch the tissue and there is no disturbance of surrounding tissue.

The combination of reduced risk of infection, and reduced bleeding, swelling and pain often leads to faster recovery from surgical procedures performed using lasers.

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