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Ear Cleaning

 Ear cleaning is usually recommended when your pet has an infection.  Here are some tips and videos to help you along with cleaning your pet's ears at home.

1. Don't use an ear cleaner not recommended by your veterinarian.  Pet's ears are very sensitive and using an inappropriate cleaner can cause an infection to get worse, or damage your pet's ear canal. 

2.  There are many different types of bacterial and fungal infections that can occur, so it is a good idea to bring your pet in so that the right medication and cleaner can be prescribed to clear up the infection.

Signs of infection can include the following:
- redness
- discharge
- odor
- head shaking
- excessive head scratching
- rubbing of ears on the floor or other surfaces

3.  Ear cleaning can be messy, it is best to do it outside, or in a room that can be easily cleaned such as the kitchen or bathroom.  Never use Q-tips to clean your pet's ears, this can damage the ear canal if they slip too far in.  Cottonballs are recommended.

Below we have several handouts and a video with more detailed instructions and information.


Ear Drop Administration

Ear Infections in Cats

Ear Infections in Dogs

 How to Clean Your Dogs Ears

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